John Lindsay Orr

The website is the public face of Google's research activities and is the primary destination for information about Google's relationships with the academic and scientific communities.

In addition to highlighting featured researchers, papers, and blog posts, the site disseminates PDFs and abstracts for well over a thousand scientific papers published by hundreds of researchers at Google in areas across computer science and beyond. It's the main channel for information about Google's scientific outreach programs , including grants, fellowships, internships, and employment opportunitites for academics and researchers.

I lead front-end development for the site, ensuring pixel-perfect responsive content for this high-profile property.

Gallery of screenshots

The site landing page.
A view of the site landing page optimized for phone form-factor.
The site navigation menu for narrow form-factor.
Navigation into a sub-section of the site, using the subnav bar.
A subsection of the site dedicated to programs targetted at faculty.
The directory of researchers with publications on the site.
A research paper on the site - one of thousands.
My Google research profile
One of my papers on the site.